Scheduling is on a monthly base and is of high standard, reasoned and organized with great care. The idea of bringing jazz music here at the restaurant “Le Rapalline” came almost as a joke during the summer of 2004, after a talk with my friend Alessandro Collina (pianist) and soon after the initiative has achieved a great success, a success that not even I and my friend expected to get so quickly. Alessandro, who actually is the "artistic director", has managed with great skill to build an interesting musical journey, highlighting the different styles and genres of jazz music and demonstrating this way that jazz music has very different connotations. Over the years a "Jazz Club" has been created which is a bit "outside the box", but has become a landmark for all jazz lovers of western Liguria. The success of this initiative is primarily due to Alessandro; in fact, me and my family have made available the restaurant and all our passion for jazz... everything else was provided by Alessandro, managing to bring here in Albenga great musicians, all internationally renown, organizing concerts that are still etched deep in the memories of our customers. Customers too cover a key role, being able to create, with their silence and total attention, a perfect atmosphere at each concert, a conduct very appreciated by the musicians. Another positive aspect, I think, is the fact that this initiative is absolutely not for-profit on our side. We organize these events because of the passion we feel towards this music and the awareness of having created a "jazz club" that "works" and became a landmark. Fans not missing even a single concert are many and they are encouraging us in every way to continue.

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